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Behind The Seams

  • Celebrate Together And Plan Ahead

      If you’re going to dress up at any time of year, the Christmas period is it. Dress like Mark Zuckerburg for the other eleven months if you want to, but when the festive period comes around, it’s time to step up. Or at least, there are generally more occasions that require you to up your game: dinners with estranged...

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  • Luxurious Cashmere/Cotton Shirts

    Cashmerello is a combination of 85% Swiss Cotton and 15% Cashmere. Woven by Alumo in Appenzell, the fabrics are incredibly soft and provide added warmth for the cooler months. The 135 grams per square metre will pamper you in the cold weather with their ideal warmth and luxurious feeling. There are two collections available - Cashmerello and Cashmerello Light. The...

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  • Flannel, corduroy or tweed - What is your winter fabric?

    Flannel, corduroy or tweed - What is your winter fabric?

    Personally, I love this time of the year - with temperatures dropping, it provides me with more options of what to wear everyday. Monday can be flannel, Tuesday corduroy and tweed for the weekend. With a few pieces you can build a wardrobe with enough flexibility to wear something different everyday. The fabric of the suits, jackets and trousers you...

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