Bespoke Women

At Raj Mirpuri, we are one of the few Bespoke Clothiers who have a team dedicated exclusively to create clothing for women. Designed to be functional, fashionable and feminine, the ladies collection is a combination of traditional elegance with a touch of modern flair. As a key player in the design process, each creation is made to accentuate only your most valuable assets.

Few items of clothing are as complex as women's suits. A staple for many female executives, a women's suit must walk the fine line between business garment and fashion statement. Some women prefer understated styling in their suits, while others prefer more flair. Regardless of the styling details, the cut has to exude professionalism without compromising femininity.

The fit must also be just right. Petite women often have trouble finding women's suits, as most are cut too long for them. Curvy body types struggle to find women's suit jackets that fit at the bust line but aren't huge everywhere else. Women with hips have a hard time finding women's suit pants that fit without gapping at the waist.