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October 20 2023 – Matt Beddows

Having recently celebrated its 250th anniversary, Fox Brothers continues to craft the finest woollen and worsted fabric in Somerset, England. Officially credited as the original creators of flannel, Fox Brothers is still the standard bearer for this luxuriously milled cloth. In the present day, the firm continues to adapt and brace change, with collections of cloth suitable for all seasons. "If It's Not Fox, It’s Not Flannel."

Today the range expands beyond Flannel to a wider range of wools, cottons, cashmeres and linens. As the exclusive distributor of Fox Flannel in Switzerland, it would be our pleasure to introduce you to this wonderful mill.

The Collection 

1. Classic Flannel - Classic Flannel incorporates rich melange shades in both plain and classic patterns. Worn by generations of Hollywood actors, statesmen and connoisseurs of fine cloth around the world. Mixed weights from 300g up.

2. 1772 Flannel - Woven from Merino wool and cashmere, the 1772 Flannel collection has been released to celebrate the occasion of Fox Brothers' quarter millennium year. With 250 years of heritage, designs pay tribute to past, present and future style. Weight is 400g.

3. Fox Khaki - A beautifully curated collection of colour for a more casually tailored wardrobe. 100% cotton.

4. Somerset Jacketing - A wonderful collection of lightweight tweed for winter jacketing. 

5. Fox Linen - Fox Linen compromises of a beautifully curated collection of colour, offered in an array of vibrant shades. Showcasing a selection of plainweave, hopsack, and herringbone fabrics, to be ideally tailored into a perfectly versatile garment.

6 - Fox Tweed - Fox Tweed is designed for both city and country jackets, and pairs perfectly with Fox Flannel trousers.


Fans In Their Fox Brother Fabrics




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