King Charles III - A Style Icon

May 02 2023 – Hemanth Mirpuri

"My style comes back into fashion every 25 years"

This weekend the UK will celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. Few remember the last coronation, and whilst the ceremony will be full of pomp and pageantry, we thought we would review what makes King Charles III such a style icon. 

Affectionately known as ‘The Green King’, Charles focuses on wearing materials produced in Britain, recycling his wardrobe for other events and rarely throwing anything away. Charles leans towards natural fibres, often wool but also cashmere and organic silk. ‘The Prince of Wales’ check, which was named after Edward VIII, a former Prince of Wales, is a favourite pattern, along with pinstripes and tartan Double-breasted is a must, with its sophisticated, loose silhouette; this look can make a suit stand out.

Whether it is a red carpet event or a formal dinner, Charles always appears sharply dressed. Quite often on these occasions, he sports a three-piece suit. As seen on a day out at the races, Charles is the epitome of traditional style, with tail coat and top hat.

We simply love that he doesn’t abandon sartorial etiquette when it comes to his casual, everyday look. Here, a younger Charles wears a two-piece linen suit, showing the height of casual elegance. This more laid-back style is something that Charles returns to, partnered flawlessly with silk shirts and chinos and minimal accessories.
The one clear theme from all of his looks is the focus on quality - by investing in bespoke tailored items, the King has ensured that his clothes will serve him well for many years to come.  If you would like to make the same investment, click below.


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