Dormeuil Exel Blue - What Will You Do With Your Bespoke Suit

The House of Dormeuil introduces Exel Blue, a brand-new, up to the minute range of contemporary additions to the Exel range with many more designs to choose from.
The Exel range is already recognised as a perfect example of technical prowess joining with the creation of elegance. Master tailors appreciate its comfort and luxury as an ideal travel fabric, which exploits the natural elasticity of luxury wool fibre without the need for synthetic additions. Exel Blue is equally versatile, and can be worn all year round.

Exel, an Australian Merino wool, uses the natural stretch factor of pure wool fibre to create an easy to wear elegant fabric. Exel Blue adds to the range various contemporary weaves like Prunelle and Twill. The fabrics are especially valuable for the stylish international traveller, who appreciates the comfort of a stretch factor which will retain its shape and elegance.

Dormeuil’s expertise is summed up by the Exel Blue range: technical mastery and a strong eye for contemporary stylish design.

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