We believe in creating two things at Raj Mirpuri; beautifully crafted clothes and relationships. It is with those two ideals that Raj and every member of his team aims to provide the highest level of service to each and every one of his clients.

It is a relationship that we strive to build based on trust and confidence. Trust in that we have all of your measurements and know the details of your entire wardrobe; and confidence in that whatever we create for you is truly unique and will last you a lifetime.

We are constantly looking to add to the service we can provide to our clients; in addition to exclusive discounts on luxury footwear and accessories, we offer practical solutions such as our Backup Shirt Service. We create and store an additional bespoke shirt for our clients in the event that they require a replacement shirt at short notice. This service is entirely free and the you would only pay for the shirt if and when you need it.