Wrinkle-Free Bespoke Tailored Shirts

One of the most frequent requests we receive is to introduce a range of non-iron shirts. The reason we never have is simple: although the shirts may be 100% cotton, they are treated with formaldehyde, which for obvious reasons is not something you want in your clothes. While there has been no scientific evidence that formaldehyde in shirts has long-term health effects, it does cause skin irritation for some wearers.

While the addition of formaldehyde does make getting ready in the morning a lot easier, the fabric breaks down and leads to blown-out elbows, becomes less breathable and feels stiffer. Non-iron shirts not only have bonded fibres, but have fused collars, cuffs and plackets, which makes them immobile compared with traditional shirts. However, the convenience that they offer has meant that men continuously seek them out over and over again. 

In our search for a happy medium that provides the comfort of a natural 100% cotton shirt and the convenience of a non-iron shirt, we have worked with our fabric suppliers to create a collection of wrinkle-free fabrics that are free of formaldehyde for bespoke shirts. The fabric is still treated, but the fabric receives a less aggressive, gentle treatment that respects the natural fiber of the cotton. The treatment method itself is different than your typical formaldehyde bath that a “wash-and-wear” shirt receives before it’s put on the rack for purchase. Rather than dunking the whole shirt in harsh chemicals, the fabric is treated with a gentler formulation at a mill-level – before the shirt is constructed. You’re left with a soft, breathable shirt, with an exceptionally smooth handfeel. 

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